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Real-Estate Conveyancing 

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Buying your own home is likely one of the largest purchases you will make and can be extremely stressful. Our lawyers can assist you in ensuring everything goes smoothly in the transfer of property.

Conveyancing is a necessary process in any real estate transaction. As a property owner, you would need to have a real estate lawyer to transfer the ownership. Hughes and Company can remove some of the stress by assisting in the process of transferring.

The conveyancing process in British Columbia includes the following steps:

1. As soon as you have chosen a real estate lawyer, the information will be collected (sale contract, mortgage instructions, etc.).

2. After that, the conveyancing lawyer will begin a process called due diligence process to see what can affect the final transactions (property title, mortgages or taxes).

3. The third step includes preparing all of your documents for both buyer and seller and working with the bank, the insurance company, the realtor and other party’s law.

4. Signing the property transaction documents. When everything is done, the property deposit will be collected. Moreover, if you are a buyer, you will need to have a bank draft for the transaction.

5. Reviewing the documents.

6. The payment is processed, and you will get the keys from the property through your realtor. The conveyancing lawyer will provide you with a final document saying that the property has been transferred.

7. If the property you bought was sold with the mortgage, the seller will pay it off using the funds from the purchase.

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