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Classic Cars Are Too Cool For School

Why is it that historically some of the coolest human inventions were inherently dangerous?  Perhaps it was the danger that added to their allure.  Classic cars are certainly no exception to this rule.  Some of the most iconic classic cars such as the 1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing or the 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, for instance, …

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Elderly Driving Integrity

There are few privileges provided to Canadian citizens that require so little maintenance as a driver’s license.  When your license expires every few years, you simply renew it at an ICBC licensing office.  You are not required to actually prove that your driving skills remain adequate. ICBC and the Canadian government trust you to self-report …

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A Crash Course on Car Seats

“The car can’t turn on without your seatbelts clicked in!”  Does that phrase sound familiar?  Perhaps you’ve said something like it to your children.  Or maybe you were tricked by that suggestion as a child yourself. Parents and caregivers often have to find creative ways to make children more agreeable to safety measures.  The intention …

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Autonomous Vehicles: So Far Not So Safe

The push towards vehicle automation and autonomous driving has been growing larger, creating a very competitive market.  Nearly all of the Big-Name car brands are working on some form of autonomous driving, with a few having already achieved this. A significant driving force to this development is monetary.  The more gadgets you put in a …

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Volvo Hopes For Zero Traffic Fatalities

Distant are the days when vehicle safety was a new concept.  It did not take vehicle manufacturers nor legislators long to determine that a great deal of the injuries suffered in car accidents were preventable.  Seatbelts have been a requirement for quite some time now.  And do you remember when there were no drinking-and-driving laws? …

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“Tuning Up for Drivers”

We can expect that teenagers will be influenced by the driving behavior of their parents. And so ICBC has designed a publication, Tuning Up for Drivers, that it encourages beginning drivers to read and discuss with their supervising drivers, for the benefit of both. The book is divided into 20 “sessions”. Each session has two …

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