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Builders Lien

The Builders Lien Act in British Columbia is complex legislation that sets out strict requirements that must be adhered to

Thus, it is important for landowners as well as construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, or workers to understand their rights and obligations under the Act. A failure to comply with the Builders Lien Act may have undesirable financial consequences that could have been avoided with competent legal advice.

Regardless of whether you are the landowner or a project manager or worker, the business lawyer at Hughes & Company can help you deal with a construction lien issue.

The act can help someone get paid for being involved in a construction project as workers on the project; suppliers on materials; contractors or subcontractors; engineers or architects.

A lien claimant can file a builders lien for work or materials supplied to the construction project if he hasn’t been paid. This way the claimant can secure payment. However, the deadline is 45 days after the project is completed.

Learn what happens if someone files a builder lien and what the owner needs to do.