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Bicycle Accidents

Bike accident injuries are devastating

As cities around the world are budgeting to spend and indeed are spending millions of dollars adding this revolutionary new infrastructure, fatalities, and injuries from bicycling are trending significantly upward.

If you sustained a bicycle accident injury as a result of a bike vs. car, truck or motorcycle collision, you need an experienced accident attorney who can fight for your bicycle injury rights.

What else we need to know

The statistics measure changes in fatalities and injuries according to kilometers traveled, which factors out increased numbers. Other factors including the design of the dedicated infrastructure must also be at work here.

Facing the reality about cycling, it must be said that it is inherently risky. A helmet provides some protection but is not a ‘roll bar’ working in connection with crumple zones, seat belts, and airbags. There are all sorts of upgrades in material strength, durability, and design. However, they are not and will never be perfect. Basically, bicycles are lightweight, fast-moving, almost silent and invisible vehicles. At the same time, there is no protection against the forces unleashed by multi-ton vehicles in motion with which they share the road.

An increasing number of cyclists cause the same trend in the number of bicycle accidents. It is crucial for drivers and cyclists to be aware of each other. How do they share the road? What are the issues?