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BC’s Top Accident Sites

Intersections are notoriously plagued with some of the highest rates of car accidents.  The cause of this is quite logical – multiple vehicles all moving in different directions come to a head at intersections.  Some intersections are certainly worse than others.  This can be due to traffic volume, road maintenance issues in the area, poor traffic light timing, or distracting signage.

BC’s Top Accident Intersections

Leading the pack with the highest rates of car accidents per year are:

  • Knight Street Bridge at SE Marine Drive with 1,225 accidents in 2018
  • Boundary Road at Grandview Highway with 1,037 accidents
  • Boundary Road at Kingsway with 830 accidents
  • Main Street at Terminal with 692 accidents
  • Granville Street at 41st Avenue with 650 accidents
  • Granville Street at 16th Avenue with 609 accidents
  • Kingsway at Knight Street with 586 accidents

For those who travel any of those routes on a regular basis, you likely are not surprised to see your frequented intersection of choice on the list.  Odds are, you have been caught in the aftermath of bumper-to-bumper traffic that can take hours to get through due to an accident at one of those intersections.  However, intersections are not the only sites listed on BC’s Top 10 Accident Sites.

Fender Benders on Bridges

The reasoning behind bridges being a common site for accidents is different from that of an intersection.  Sure, the condition of the road will of course play a role.  However, more often it is an issue of poor merging skills or distracted driving.  Additionally, for a bridge such as the Lions Gate Bridge, there can be some confusion when the center lane changes over for traffic to begin traveling in the other direction.

There are two bridges that, unsurprisingly, made it onto BC’s Top 10 Accident Sites

  • The Knight Street Bridge with 1,252 accidents in 2018
  • The Lions Gate Bridge with 682 accidents

The Knight Street Bridge actually takes home the trophy for the most accidents out of any of the sites listed. Way to go…?

Safe Travels

For many of us, there is no way to avoid these sites completely.  They are key intersections and bridges that connect us with where we need to go on a regular basis.  However, hopefully we can all be extra vigilant when we drive these routes now that we know how high the risk of an accident is at each site.