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Basic Autoplan Insurance In British Columbia all resident motorists must be insured through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s [ICBC]

Accordingly, all claims for compensation by people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents in British Columbia necessarily involve ICBC. Full appreciation of ICBC’s role in motor vehicle accident claims depends on understanding the scope of ICBC’s Basic Autoplan coverage. All British Columbia motorists must have Basic Autoplan coverage, regardless of the use they make of their vehicles. All British Columbia motorists includes: motorists who are full-time students from outside of B.C. while attending school here, motorists who are members of the armed forces posted here for six months or less, but does not include tourists using their vehicle to tour for less than six months. ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance provides motorists with the minimum insurance coverage required by the law of British Columbia.

Basic Autoplan provides five types of coverage:

  1. Third-Party Legal Liability
  2. Accident Benefits
  3. Underinsured Motorist Protection
  4. Protection Against Hit-and-Run
  5. Uninsured Motorists Inverse Liability Coverage

Third-Party legal liability coverage A motorist who is found legally at fault for injuring a claimant or damaging a claimant’s property in a motor vehicle accident is protected up to a specified limit by ICBC Third-Party Legal Liability coverage.

This insurance, depending on the limits, covers the whole or part of the cost of the claims against the motorist. $200,000 is the minimum limit that a motorist must have on a British Columbia registered vehicle for this type of coverage. The rules differ for commercial vehicles. Third-party legal liability coverage does not cover: loss or damage to anyone’s property carried in the at-fault motorist’s vehicle loss or damage to property owned or rented by the at fault motorist, for example, his or her house assessments, penalties or premiums owed under the Workers Compensation Act operation of attached equipment at a work site, for example, a crane attached to a truck.

If you require assistance in dealing with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia [ICBC] or any other personal injury matter, please contact us for information on our services or for specific advice about your potential claim. Hughes & Company Law Corporation has prepared these materials for general information purposes only and not for the purpose of giving legal advice. Every case is unique. Regardless of any similarity to your situation, the information on this web site should not be relied on in making any legal decision. Cedric Hughes and Hughes & Company Law Corporation are not by means of this web site giving legal advice or providing any other service and they are not responsible for any use made of this web site. Please contact us for specific legal advice.

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